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Asset Collection Inc IS

Asset Collections Inc specializes in Corporate Investigations, Commercial Credit, and Debt Recovery. We offer our clients a unique investigative approach towards recovering funds. This face to face system has proven to be successful throughout the world. Our main goal is to investigate your debtor and determine their ability to pay. After the extensive investigation is complete, ACI will pursue your debtor to the fullest extent of the law, we do this as professionally as possible.

Throughout our investigation, we will find out how the debtor is paying other creditors and suppliers. W
e will investigate the assets of the corporation and its individuals, applying pressure to the responsible parties. ACI will Interview Employees, Vendors, Neighbors, Banks and other Private Sources. Our investigations are detailed, and to the point.

Every company, no matter what the size, should use ACI as an extension to their in-house efforts.

Determining Assets

ACI has several different methods of investigation. Our primary goal is to find out whether you have a debtor, or a client on your hands. Only after completion of the financial investigation can we determine your debtors ability to pay.

  • ACI has a National Network of Private Investigators. These investigators go visit your debtor company face-to-face at their place of business. When the onsite visit takes place the investigator will introduce himself, ACI, and your company.

  • The investigator will contact banks, suppliers, vendors, and other sources of information to complete the financial investigation on your debtor company.

  • In some cases the private investigator will contact the debtors landlord to find out if they are having any problems paying rent. (When the debtor hears from his or her landlord, your debtor will know that ACI's serious.)

  • The collection specialist will use ACI's resources and databases to check out the filing status of the debtor company (State and Federal). After this is done, the collector will know who is legally responsible for your debt. If the debtor is a sole proprietor, ACI will have a private investigator locate personal assets.

  • As a last resort ACI will contact the debtor companies employees to see if they are still receiving paychecks. If the debtors employees are not receiving a paycheck, 95% of the time the debt is uncollectible.

Product Disputes and Settlements

     Our main goal with disputed accounts is to get your money, but also, we want to save the relationship between you and your customer if at all possible. At ACI we have excellent negotiators to help arbitrate any product disputes without the expense of attorneys and/or litigation. If your customer has a problem with your product or service ACI will negotiate on your behalf. Our company often comes to a resolution within days, when the court system can take months, and sometimes even years.

     ACI will always provide our clients with contractual settlement letters, we will never accept settlements without our clients written consent. If the case cannot be settled or a resolution cannot be found within a reasonable amount of time, ACI will either refer the account back to you, or we can forward your account to an attorney who will proceed with litigation. If you choose litigation, Corporate Financial Investigations will not be responsable for the cost of filing fees or up front court cost.

Cost & Fees

     Asset Collections Inc works on a contingent fee (meaning ACI only gets paid if we collect money). The percent owed to ACI is based on the dollar amount and age of accounts placed. This means our services that we provide are FREE if your debt is uncollectible.

  • Standard Rates - Contact Ray (888) 279-8601 for a rate quote

  • Preferred Rates - Contact Ray (888) 279-8601  for a rate quote

  • Returned Merchandise and Credits 10%

  • ACI will offer discounted rates based on age and volume of accounts placed.

If ACI is unable to collect your debt, there is no charge to you!

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